Take the first step

Last week my wife and I decided it was time to get back into the gym. We had taken a month plus hiatus as we were getting our house ready to sell and life just seemed to always get in the way. During that month my eating habits deteriorated to the point in which my idea of a good dinner was a block of cheese with a side of potato chips washed down with three cold beers. Not exactly hitting all the major food groups!

Lack of exercise paired with a poor diet sans any sort of real nutrition had been causing me to feel sluggish. Every day I would come home tired, wanting nothing more then to sit on the couch and watch re-runs of saved by the bell all night. I knew what was wrong but I had formed habits over that past month that were hard to break. Eating fruits and vegetables did not  seem as appealing as tasty carb filled treats. Sixty minutes of cardio sounded like a lot of work…who want’s to do that???

Well I finally put down the chips and laced up the old tennis shoes and we headed to the fitness center. We belong to Buckeye MMA just outside of Columbus, Ohio. The clubs main business is training mixed martial arts fighters to prepare for mostly amateur fights.

Thanks but not thanks!

But they also run a “fighter conditioning” class for the public. You might say it slightly resembles the cross fit workouts that seem to be all the rage these days. It is a circuit training system where you preform 8-12 different exercises in intervals of 40-60 seconds each. It is pretty intense but is great for any fitness level as you are working at your own level. This is what we choose to do.

I had been dreading getting back in there for some time. I knew how uncomfortable it was going to be and how out of shape I had become. I thought of every excuse why we shouldn’t go but thankfully the words never made it from my mind to my mouth in order to talk Lacey out of it. As we stepped in the door and entered the hot room thoughts of getting out of bed the next morning raced through my head. It is going to hurt!

The trainer, as he always does, went through the routine with us to ensure we knew what we were doing before we started.

Ready – Begin!

Just like that we were off. I was doing push-ups while Lacey preformed backwards lunges. The minutes slowly passed with each exercise. One turned into two, two into four, and before I knew it I was on the last exercise of round one – a modified stair climb.

I was tired, beat, exhausted but I couldn’t quit. As the trainer instructed us to begin, I told myself;


Good! One step down, now the next, and another! Repeat. Repeat. Repeat. During those 45 seconds the whole painful thought process raced through my mind. The poor eating habits I had developed, the lack of motivation to get to the gym. All obstacles that I was having a hard time overcoming. I had been working them up so much in my mind, perceiving them as such difficult tasks when really it was simple.

All You Need to Do Is Take The First Step!

When presented with a difficult task, one in which you don’t want to do but know it needs to be done, don’t over think it. It may be changing your diet, starting to work out, cleaning your home, or finding a new job. What is the first thing you need to do to accomplish it? For me to start working out again, it started with that first step into the gym. To change my eating habits it starts with making one positive choice to eat something more nutritious. Am I eating great two weeks into this? Not the least bit! But you know what? I am eating better then I did before I started and that is a win for me!

Know Where The Road Goes – But Don’t Focus on The Destination!

Goals are great to have. They are guides in which we can keep our actions in check to ensure we are on the correct path. The problem is sometime we find ourselves so focused on the destination the we lose sight of the road and veer onto another street. We become so overwhelmed with this setback that we give up on the goal all together. This doesn’t have to be that way. In fact, there is a simple solution…

Just Take The Next Step!

Are there any things you are working on that you find it difficult? How are you coping or overcoming those obstacles? Share your thoughts in the comment section below!