Limitless Possibilities

You woke up and wiped the sleep from your eyes. The sun is already up.

You raced down the stairs and filled your bowl with cereal or perhaps you had some toast.

You raced to the couch and grabbed the *clicker.

Looney Tunes, Smurfs, or David the Gnome?

Worries. What worries? The only thing you worried about was if Billy or Suzy would be allowed outside to play.

This was also a time of limitless possibilities. You could be whatever or whomever you wanted to be.

President? No problem! G.I. Joe? He’s a real American hero! Ninja? Sure!

And the crazy part? Everyone supported you! Grandma Jean didn’t say it was un-realistic. Uncle Bob didn’t tell you that it didn’t pay enough. Aunt Jemima didn’t question how you would be able to support a family. Instead they told you could do anything you set your mind too!

What happened between now and then? When did we set limits? When did we start telling ourselves;

“No, that’s unrealistic.”

I don’t think it happened over night. I think it was more like the erosion of a shoreline. Doubt and excuses crept in with each and every day that passed, limiting the possibilities, if only in our minds.

How do we break free? How do we take back those dreams we once had and make them a reality?

Self reflection.

It’s not easy my friends. But it’s often said that nothing worth doing, ever comes easy.

Deep down you need to ask yourself:

Who am I?

99% of the time when asked this question, most people will spit off a list of things they have done and things they like to do. I’ve done it, I’d be willing to bet you have too. This is the socially excepted response to such a question. People are looking for the cliff notes of your life so they can decide if they want to open the book and learn more or just put it back on the shelf.

The problem is, this is a scary question. When you first ask yourself, you might find that you don’t have an answer or even more powerfully, you don’t like the answer you give…

As scary as it may be; Until you know who you are, you will never understand how to become, who you want to be…


I challenge you to take just five minutes today and disconnect from the world. Disconnect from the internet, turn off your cell phones, and find someplace quiet.

Take just five minutes to reflect upon the question: Who am I?

You do not have to share your answers with anyone. This is time for self reflection and growth. However, if you do feel comfortable with your experience, I would love to hear about it!

Until then,

~Worry Free

* For those who do not know of the term “clicker” it is another name for the television remote control. While I never typically used this name, I recall as a child, my grandparents always referring to it as a clicker! It is such a simple term that I had to use it here! You click it and the channel changes. It’s a clicker!