A whirlwind of change


What has happened in the past week! I’m sorry, I made no post but bare with me…I have an excuse I hope you will accept!

If you have been reading my past posts, you will know that my wife and I are on a journey to simplify our lives. We have been purging ourselves of all the excess things that have been taking up too much of our time. We are working to identify what is truly valuable to us and what is weighing us down. Along the way we decided that we did not want to be tied down with a mortgage at this point in our lives. We were looking to downsize and possibly move westward to Colorado to enjoy the playground that is the Rocky Mountains.

So we decided to place our house for sale. We figured the worst that could happen would be that it would go unsold for months on end. Well…something else happened. On the 18th day, we received not one but TWO offers on the house. We entered into contract on the 19th day. That is unheard of in this market in Ohio!

So last week was spent filling out paperwork and trips to the library to scan and send to our Realtor. I was not my worry free self. We were selling the house but then what? Do we move to Colorado or do we stay in Ohio. I would need to get a job in Colorado if that was really going to be an option.

Queue phone call!

So on the day we accepted the offer on our house, I had hung up with our Realtor and went out to the parking lot of my work to take a deep breath and enjoy the good news. After about ten minutes, back into the office I went. I sat down at my computer and checked my google mail.

New Voicemail.

See, I get my voicemail delivered to my email because I can’t have a cell phone in my office. So, I open the email and start listening to the message.

“Hi Brian, this is “Jane Doe” calling you about the position you applied for in Denver a few weeks ago. If you are still interested, I would like to set up an interview for this Thursday. Please give me a call back when you have a moment. Thanks.”


Within thirty minutes of each other our house was in contract to sell and I had an interview set up for a promotion out in Denver! What are the odds of that!?

So there you have it. That was my busy but unbelievable week! Our lives have been turned upside down and everything is changing. The things we were hoping for are finally starting to come to fruition.

Worry Free with Me had to take a back seat to some of life’s interruptions and for that, I am sorry.

Washing Fences

I just spent the last four hours power washing our fence.

We are getting ready to list our house on the market but our fence is old and dirty. It has that weathered grey look to it that sends a vibe of tired and drab. A good power wash will push out the dirt that has been collecting over the years and give it that fresh clean look that grabs the eye.  

Around hour two of mindlessly spraying water it hit me…

Our life is like the fence and the dirt represents the things that are holding us back

See, we collect “dirt” in the fine grains of our lives that weigh us down. It suffocates us and makes us feel trapped. It prevents our true inner beauty from shining through. If left “untreated”, it will eventually take its toll causing us to rot from the inside out.

Every once in awhile we need to power wash our lives. We need to remove the dirt that is preventing us from being who we want need to be! That dirt might be the clutter that is taking up your time, baggage you can’t let go of, or distractions that are preventing you from achieving the life you dream of!

Washing the fence is something I knew must be done for years but I just kept putting it off.

“Oh, it’s not that bad”

“I can do it another day” 

But before you realize it, days turn into weeks, weeks turn into years. You open your eyes and your fence is filthy.

It’s not too late though. Your fence can be saved. It might take just a little extra elbow grease and a little more time, but that dirt can be washed away. It just takes initiative and the desire to do some cleaning!

~Worry Free my Friends!