Fertilize your life

As I look at my two Benjamin ficus trees I can’t help but take a sigh of relief. See, this past spring we bought our first indoor plant, a ficus. It was full, green, and beautiful. We had read that having an indoor plant offers such benefits as:

  • Cleaning the air by removing toxins
  • Reducing stress
  • Providing a feeling of calmness
  • Inspiring creativity
 A month later we bought our second.

While the first tree was looking full and wonderful, the second was pretty uninspiring and bare. The branches looked weak and frail and the leaves were scarce. We figured after re-potting it and giving it a stable environment full of love, water, and sunshine, it would spring back to life within weeks.

Well one week turned into two and two weeks to four, and still no improvement. Starting to get concerned that my precious baby tree was nearing the end of its ficus life, I took to the internet for advice. The prevailing advice that I discovered was  even though I was giving it the proper amounts of water and just enough sunlight, it was lacking one important ingredient that would help it thrive in its indoor environment …


In its natural environment, the ficus tree would thrive getting its fertilizer from the decomposing leaves and natural organics that surround it, but in a clay pot sitting in my second story den, sadly it lacked these conditions. So after arming myself with this new found knowledge, to the garden center we went!

We knew we needed fertilizer but we wanted to stay away from the fake/artificial stimulants. While I am sure they would have given our baby tree the boost it needed to grow into a strong fine young ficus,we were not keen on chemicals. We decided on Organic Neptune’s Harvest – Fish & Seaweed Fertilizer.

Upon arriving home I raced upstairs to fill the watering jug with one gallon of fresh water plus one teaspoon of liquid fertilizer. Slowly poured the water around the tree base and stood back and watched.


Pretty anti-climatic don’t you think! Two weeks went by and again I repeated the process. Still nothing. Another two weeks went by and this time, when I stepped back…FINALLYSOMETHING! The leaves were starting to slowly fill in and new branch growth was starting to become visible. I beamed with pride! My baby was going to live!

Deep Thinking

As I stood back and looked at my tree,  some thoughts started to go through my mind. The story of the ficus tree can relate to our lives.

Sometimes we become stagnant in our career, in our friendships, and in our relationships. Our life might be racing by while we stand still. Our branches becoming bare, our leaves becoming brown. We can choose to become dormant or we can fertilize our life and choose to grow and flourish!

How can you fertilize your life? Consider the following areas:

Friendships: Take some time each week to fertilizer your friendships. Forget facebook, forget texting, and forget email. Make an effort to seek out a good friend that you may not have connected with recently and try to meet them face to face. Ask them how they are doing and let them know how important they are to you. If distance is an issue, pick up the phone. Just make it personal and give that friendship some much needed love.

Relationships: We are all guilty of it no matter how much we try to deny it, if only momentarily, we take our husband/wife/girlfriend/boyfriend for granted. It isn’t hard, we see them nearly every day. Fertilize your relationship by doing something simple every day to show your loved one you care. Consider the following:

  • Meeting them at the door when they come in and giving them a big welcome home hug.
  • Write a note or draw a picture in the morning to tell/show them you love them.
  • Plan a dinner, maybe something you haven’t done in awhile. If you eat in often, plan a night out at a special place. If you go out often, plan a night at home where you both make a special meal together.

Career: Things may be slow or boring at work but that doesn’t mean you can’t do something to lighten it up. Fertilize your career by spring cleaning your office space. Clean out your email, file your papers, and organize your desk. Wrap up all those small tasks that have been pushed to the way side because they might not have been that important. Seek out projects to assist with or processes/policies that you could improve.

Are there any parts of your life that need some attention? Now that you have the fertilizer how are you going to use it? Let us talk in the comment section below!

~Worry Free

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