I Quit my Job!

Ch-ch-ch-ch-changes  by Lacey Flynn

I quit my job!!!!

This statement is both exciting and slightly terrifying at the same time.

It’s slightly terrifying because I don’t have another job to go to.  So I am jumping off the cliff not knowing if there is going to be some soft brush below to catch my fall.

I guess we should start from the beginning though.

I started working as an accounting technician four years and three months ago and ever since I stepped foot on the grounds of my workplace, I have wanted to leave.  Don’t get me wrong, my job is stable, has excellent benefits and pays enough (along with my husband’s job) to afford us a really nice life.  The only thing about the job is that I hate it.  I call it glorified data entry.  That is nothing against people who do data entry but for me; this position is boring, mundane, and tedious and doesn’t challenge me in the least bit.  I have given it four years to see if it would change or get better but as I stayed, it only got worse.  The environment, the people, the tasks all continued to become more and more of a frustration.

Along with the deterioration of my job, other things in my life happened.  My mother found out that she had lung cancer.  She had surgery and chemo therapy and is doing fine now but that was a pretty big scare in mine and my family’s life.  Also, about a month and a half ago, my husband and I discovered minimalism.  These two things significantly changed the way I viewed the world.

As far as my mother’s cancer goes, it was a wake up call that anything can happen and life can change in an instant and you can suddenly be faced with your own mortality.  When this happened to our family, I thought about what I would say about my life if I died today.  Would I be happy with what I had accomplished or have done with my life?  I knew in some ways the answer would be yes.  I feel like I am a good person.  I help others when they need it and I have often been told that I am the kind of person that no one can say anything bad about (not to toot my own horn).  I married my best friend!  I have a strong work ethic thanks to my parents.  I went to college and graduated magna cum laude.  I got a good job that I work hard to make sure is done well.  So, I have done a lot of great things in my life so far but there have been a lot of things that I haven’t done because I was busy doing the things people have told me I should do.

So, about 2 months ago, I started talking to my husband and telling him about all of the things I was thinking and asked what he thought about me quitting my job.  He, being the amazing husband that he is, told me go ahead.  He didn’t want me to be unhappy any more than I wanted me to be unhappy.   So, right then and there, I decided that I would quit.

Now, I know what you are thinking.  Lacey, you have a dual income home; you can totally do this because your husband makes a lot of money and can support you both.  That is totally true. I am not telling anyone else to go and quit their job.  I am just telling you what I decided to do.  And so far, it feels like the best decision of my life (other than getting married).  I know too that this is the start of my new journey so I can’t reflect and tell you how it is going but so far it feels really good!

After my decision to quit my job, it just so happened that I stumbled upon the concept of minimalism.  I don’t even remember how I got there but I ended up at www.becomingminimalist.com website and couldn’t put the computer down.  I read several of the posts and then linked to other sites and started doing research on the concept.  Then I told my husband about it.  Everything that I read just made sense to me.  It seemed like this was where our life was going.  We should do this.

So, at this point, we are selling our stuff, selling our house and trying to figure things out.  My long term goal is to be able to open up my own wedding venue.  I do need to find something in the interim but I feel free to be able to find something that I will actually enjoy every day.  My wish for my husband is that we can cut down enough that he can leave his job and really pursue his passions.

So, it’s scary in the way that anything could happen and we could be one disaster away from being homeless but that could happen to anyone at any time.  It is exciting in the way that it is a new beginning!  It is a new opportunity to change my life into what I really want it to be.  Although, I am still currently trying to discover exactly what that is.  The one thing I do know though is that I am confident that everything will work out because I have a partner standing next to me, holding my hand, ready to jump off the cliff as well and together we can do anything!

I guess what I am offering really are words of encouragement to those who want to change their life.  Sell a lot of your stuff, pare down and really change the framework of your mind about how much you really need in this life.  Like people always say, you can’t take it with you.  So forget about working for things and work for experiences.  And really, a lot of those experiences are free.  So, spend your time living those experiences instead of working until you can retire and finally live your life.  If you do that, you may find that you don’t have time left to actually live it.  Know too that I am not an expert and I am just starting my journey but it starts with that first step.

I am taking that first step!


So what are your thoughts? Have you ever left someplace that made you miserable? Are you chasing your dreams? Share it in the comment section below!

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